AuthorRabbi Avraham Greenberg

Rabbi Zushe Greenberg Is a Shliach in Solon Ohio since 5751. Amongst variety of other institutions, he established a large shul that attracts hundreds of men and women on a weekly basis. One of the main reasons they keep coming is the Rabbi’s weekly sermon. Rabbi Greenberg believes that the speech must be interesting, relevant and uplifting, which will send the participants home uplifted and enlighten.

A Story of Five Children


A Chabad Rabbi in Montana shared several lessons from his experience in adopting five children. What can we learn from them to our relationship with G-d – and, of course, the connection to coronavirus.

Canine Messages


The Baal Shem Tov taught that everything we see and hear can teach us a lesson in serving G-d. COVID has seen a rise in dog-ownership. What lesson can we learn from dogs and their relationships with humans?

Sending G-d a Post card


Concepts that have become the lingo in the past half a year, like recession, debt and stimulus, all have Jewish parallels. How do Jews deal with a spiritual recession?



Many people would be happy to delegate Mitzvos, like Tefillin, Shabbos and Yom Kippur. Still, we are told to do them ourselves. Because, just as in your own business, “nobody is going to do the dirty work for you.” How does that apply to Jewish education?



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