The Other Bridge


Everyone has been talking about the tragic bridge collapse in Baltimore. But there is also another bridge which came down—the remarkable story of Joe Lieberman, the Shabbat-observant Senator who blazed a Jewish trail in the US Government.

The Gifts of Judaism 


For anti-semites, the desire to boycott Jewish inventions would be very difficult to put into practice. But are modern inventions our main contribution to the world? We have offered the world something far deeper.

Is Daylight Savings time year round a good idea?


The Breaking News This Week This week on Tuesday, in the middle of the day, there was breaking news: the Senate unanimously approved a new law. When I saw the headline, I thought for a moment that it was about aid to Ukraine or about stopping the growing inflation, but no, this was about something far more important: daylight savings. Until now, daylight savings has only been practiced for eight...

Joining G-D’s Army


In our relationship with G-d, we are sometimes described as a spouse, sometimes as a child and sometimes as a subject. But what does it mean to be G-d’s soldier?



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