It’s All About Loyalty


Jacob’s Final Wish In this week’s Torah portion, Jacob passes away. Shortly before his death, he tells Joseph his final wish: “Please do not bury me in Egypt.” Joseph immediately acquiesces: “I will do as you say.” Nonetheless, Jacob isn’t satisfied. “Swear to me,” he tells Joseph — and Joseph takes an oath. And then, the Torah tells us, “Israel bowed at the head of the bed.” This dialogue...

The Wayward Son


We are often faced with the task of dealing with a difficult child. When Rabbi Feigelstock was faced with a similar situation, he was taught a new approach. A touching lesson from this week’s parsha.

Bonding Generations


Animals don’t have grandchildren; that is something that is appreciated only within the human race. What does Torah say about the obligations of grandparents (and great-grandparents)?

Be a Jew’s Angel


When two Chabad teenagers were spreading the message of Chanukah, they didn’t expected to have a reunion with a long-lost friend.



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