Acharon Shel Pesach – Cherish the Moment


When Shehecheyanu Isn’t Appropriate We all know the shehecheyanu blessing. We sing it at every happy occasion.  The shehecheyanu is recited on every Jewish holiday, except for today – the last day of Pesach.  What most people don’t know is that this blessing is made over a heartfelt joy. That means that any time you feel a real heartfelt joy you can recite the shehecheyanu.  The...



Good Yom Tov!  In the mid-1600s, a high-ranking British government official named Samuel Pepys (pronounced Peeps) kept a diary for about ten years.  The diary, one of the best records of daily from that era, made him famous.  During the time he kept his diary, Samuel Pepys witnessed a plague of animal disease that swept Europe, the great Fire of London, and war between Britain and...

Letters to Talia


A Kibbutznikit girl wrote to a modern Orthodox soldier about her questions of faith. The result was a fascinating correspondence. What was his best answer?

Yizkor: The Last Jew Standing


The last Jew in Spain was a 15-year-old boy who lived a lonely existence wandering the country hoping to avoid capture and forced conversion. This story never happened — it’s historical fiction. But why is it so compelling, and what should be our response?