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Yizkor: The Last Jew Standing


The last Jew in Spain was a 15-year-old boy who lived a lonely existence wandering the country hoping to avoid capture and forced conversion. This story never happened — it’s historical fiction. But why is it so compelling, and what should be our response?

The Jewish Vaccination


Everybody is waiting for the coronavirus vaccine, but no one wants to be the first one to try it. What was the basis for the original vaccine? And how can we immunize our children before they go out into the world?

Sorry, I can’t shake your hand!


The coronavirus epidemic has a silver lining for Chabad rabbi and their wives – members of the opposite gender do not attempt to shake their hands. There are many Jewish customs which have side health benefits, like Mikvah. But what is the real meaning of Mikvah, and how do we fill in for the High Priest in our day?

Annulling Our Vows—for Good


Why is the most well-remembered Jewish prayer an annulment of vows? A fascinating Midrash about Moshe, G-d, and His vows after the Golden Calf, that shed some light on the issue.



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