Letters to Talia


A Kibbutznikit girl wrote to a modern Orthodox soldier about her questions of faith. The result was a fascinating correspondence. What was his best answer?

Water – The New Fad


In previous generations, water was considered undignified. What changed? And what does it have to do with the water sacrifice in the Temple on Sukkot?

Ahavas Yisroel: As Yourself!


What makes you a loser and what makes you a winner?
The three holidays of Tishrei can give us a fascinating insight into how to treat others and how to treat ourselves.

The Israelite’s “Motorcade” in the desert


The Jewish people have been led by single leaders and by pairs. But in the desert, they were led by a trio, Moshe, Aharon and Miriam. Aharon, and his special contribution to the Israelites in the desert, has a unique connection to Sukkot



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