Letters to Talia


A Kibbutznikit girl wrote to a modern Orthodox soldier about her questions of faith. The result was a fascinating correspondence. What was his best answer?

Water – The New Fad


In previous generations, water was considered undignified. What changed? And what does it have to do with the water sacrifice in the Temple on Sukkot?

Behind Enemy Lines


Martha Cohen survived the Holocaust and even served as a spy behind German lines. Her experience in Nazi-occupied France has an important message which is associated with the holiday of Sukkot.

A Holiday Gift from G-d


Each holiday, men are obligated to buy gifts for their wives to enhance their holiday joy. There is also a spiritual side: there are spiritual gifts we can give to G-d as well.

Sacrificing for Other Jews


Golda Meir was asked by IDF soldiers during the Yom Kippur War, “What is the point of this sacrifice?” She answered with a poignant story about the resilience of the Jewish people in the Soviet Union, and helped them see the bigger picture. On Sukkos, according to Rabbi Akiva, we celebrate the resilience of the Jewish people in the desert. Remember – whenever faced with a decision about Jewish...

Living the Lessons of Sukkos


Sukkos has always been one of the most beloved holidays among Chassidim. A deeper look into the details of the holiday show that each element represents another foundation of Chassidic philosophy.



According to the Torah, it is forbidden to add to the Mitzvos. The same applies to the Mitzvos of Sukkah and Lulav, with one exception: one can add as many Hadassim to the Lulav as he’d like. The reason for this may lie in the deeper meaning of the Hadas.