The Jewish Mission


What is the date of Chanukah really about? What was unique about the second temple? When did the Menorah become the symbol of the Jewish nation?

An Icy Flame in Siberia


Last week, a menorah of ice kindled the flame in a long lost Jew in Siberia. From the Baal Shem Tov, to Yosef, to a faraway Chabad Rabbi in our day, the goal is the same. Seeking out our long lost brothers.

Why Are We Called Jews?


Everyone knows the story of Solomon’s Justice. Why is it read in this week’s Haftorah, and how does it reflect on the condition of the Jewish people?

The Fire That Never Dies


The history of the Jewish nation has been rife with miracles. Yet some get commemorated while others do not. What is so unique about the Chanukah miracle?



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